Fort Mott State Park

New Jersey Coastal Heritage TrailFort Mott was built at the end of the 19th Century as part of a federal plan to improve the coastal defense of the United States; the purpose of Fort Mott was to defend the Delaware River. Fort Mott is located at Finns Point in Salem County on the bank of the Delaware River. This State Park, consisting of 104 acres, is listed as a historic site on the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail.

Fort Mott had more than 30 buildings and was a self-contained military post with barracks, officers housing, a hospital, Post Exchange store, and school for the children.  The fort had three 10-inch and three 12-inch guns with a range of eight miles and fired 600 and 1000 pound projectiles. There were also several batteries of rapid fire guns.  The guns stood behind a 700 foot long, 35 foot thick embankment slopping to the rivers edge to form a parapet. In 1947, The State of New Jersey purchased Fort Mott from The United States and opened it as a State Park in 1951.

Visitors can wander around the grounds and through the batteries that have interpretive signs and descriptions of the fort.  There are picnic areas, tables, playgrounds, open fields and a shoreline along the Delaware River that makes an enjoyable walk.


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